Remote Sessions providing  Physical, Mental, emotional and spiritual results

validation of the efficacy of my Remote sessions

Remote CranioSacral Therapy Session Using Surrogate Doll: 

Because we are unable to meet in person,remote work-the CranioSacral aspect, will include the use of a stuffed doll as well as a doll with an open mouth so that I can also do mouth work when required…


Over 2 years later - COVID has allowed me and my clients to work remotely for a variety of reasons as follows: 1- living too far away (I have clients in Ontario, Oregon, and many other distant places; 2 clients who have struggles getting to me in-person; 3 -babies and tiny children, animals - where hands-on = distress; 4- emergencies; 5 - 'tweaking' post-sessions as needed... and many more....


In the case of the study featured in the following video Popping the Bubble of Doubt, people became the surrogates for large, wild animals they couldn’t physically touch. Using a Biofield Viewer, actual pictures could be taken to show that surrogate work actually does effect change.Further, there was validation by the animal keepers of the 'feelings and comments' made by the surrogates who 'felt' the bodies of the animals as they became the animal's surrogate.



Please note: I have worked with both of the leaders of the following study - Dr Kerry D’Ambrogio and Loesje Jacobs and am highly-qualified to offer my skills to you….

My Hands - Feeling and Connecting with my Remote Clients

Holy Wow! More validation for my Remote Sessions where I use Surrogate dolls....

These women are making the sounds' only with the energy-connection of her hands....

I too, am connecting with the entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my clients with my 'listening' skills and my hands when I work with a surrogate doll...

Trust, my Friends - just because you don't 'understand' how remote sessions 'work' doesn't mean that they don't.... eg you might not know how electricity works, but you trust that when you turn on a light... you have light...

I know you'll be awed and supported to 'trust' what can't be seen once you've experienced my remote work.....


REVIEWS for Comprehensive Remote Sessions

Remote Treatments , April 2, 2020


It works!  My spouse and I, both seniors decided to try it when Marian Roper suggested it to us.  We are long time clients.  I lay on our bed with a pillow under my knees, a blanket on top and a speaker phone beside me so I could talk to Marian and she could talk to me.  At the end of our session I had the usual beneficial effects and in addition felt all relaxed and no tension in my muscles.  I was pleasantly surprised at the good effect.  Then my spouse did the same thing and again experienced the usual good effects and feelings.  We’ll do it again.
So try it, at least once, you also may be pleasantly surprised.  
Richard and Elsie Duifhuis

Comprehensive Remote Sessions - Surrogate CranioSacral Therapy and 5 Element Clearings

March 26-2020 - FB and Google Posts

I have been seeing Marian regularly now, for almost two years and can say with confidence that she really is an earth angel. Not only for her knowledge and expertise, but for her compassion and willingness to go the extra mile. I always leave our sessions feeling refreshed, clear, and grounded, with the tools that enable me to heal my life from within.

Given the quarantine situation, I have recently participated in a “distance session”, over the phone with Marian, which was amazing. At the end of the session, I felt as good as I normally do when I leave her table, without even being in the same room! I will definitely be booking more sessions. Thank you so much Marian, for opening my eyes to a new way of living life!

Ashley Karod

Review from Mother of 4 yr old with PANS Diagnosis – after Remote Session 02-2020

Hi Marian,

Thank you.  He was in a good place today and has been doing a lot better!!  Yes his body is detoxing a bunch and we are trying to do this slowly…  HIs OCD is gone for now and the rage is way less.  It seems like his body is starting to relax.  He does pick up on everyone else for sure and we have to make sure that we are calm and not stressed.  Even his fear is starting to calm down.   Usually every night before he goes to sleep he says I am scared.  The last two nights he has not said that and has a much easier time falling asleep.  I am so grateful for all that we and everyone are doing to help him.  I will keep in touch throughout the week and let you know.  I also will send another transfer at the end of the week so you can do another session with him this weekend if you feel that is good.  

Thank you so much.  


Love, M.B. 

Remote Session Results for Physical Body Issues

November 15, 2018

Client Alex Storino had been a regular “hands-on” client until he moved to Hay River. Although he knew and understood about having distance sessions for emotional and psychic reasons, he was ‘not sure’ about having a distance session for his physical body needs. Following is his feedback 36 hours after his distance session #1

This has been a very quick and effective treatment. I'm surprised at how much looser and at the same time, more stable my back, my knee, and my hip all feel.

November 23, 2018

From Alex Storino after session #2


Hi Marian another good session! My lower back and my shoulders along with my left hip and left knee are all much looser. 

Remote Session Results July, 2019

Dear, dear Marian, 

The work we did continue to unfold in the days following our last session. 

I feel that my mouth and jaw are aligned.  It is new so feels different. I have stopped grinding my teeth!! 

My ability to have more sustained moments of being present and in my body is turning into a daily practice of remembering to check in to see if I am home.  

I feel more solid and grounded. Not tired…. 

I work hard to balance my life and sometimes it's a wash, but when I experience balance, I feel in the zone. 

I’m getting less tired; I feel the healing. 

My throat feels more open; lots of scar tissue there. Surgery to remove it 12 years ago because I couldn't swallow; I weighed 90 lbs; couldn’t even swallow water. It's coming back as they said it would. I don't want surgery again. 

I felt that during our first distance healing you worked on my throat. It’s actually the esophagus that constricts and won't let food down its called Achalasia. Not sure it's spelled right. We can continue to work on that so I don't have to have surgery again. 

You told me that my hearing would get better. I thought that was impossible because it's so physically destroyed. 

I have been forgetting to put my hearing sides in and yet I am hearing more clearly. I had a picture that I can have my hearing back in spite of the physical damage. I get it. It's a miracle.  

Ancestral patterns falling away fast…. 

So many more stories of the amazing work we do together. You are incredible and I love working at a distance. It's real!

Love you, 




Kathryn – message Jan 2, 2021 – Post session…. After Mother’s death and Husband’s accident … all in one day…


I cannot express enough my gratitude for you. 


I had a long deep sleep last night…Feeling very calm today…I feel so darn lucky to do this distance work with you. It is just as real as seeing you in person.


Big hugs and heaps of love coming your way!