Emotional Release Therapy

Cover image of Fierce Medicine by Ana T. Forrest
Cover image of Fierce Medicine by Ana T. Forrest

Did you know that "Emotions have to be in motion to be healthy. If they get stashed in the cell tissue...they morph into emotional pus balls." Ana T. Forrest (Fierce Medicine)


"Of course", I thought, as I read Ana's quote.  My Advanced CranioSacral ( A-CST) work has a modality called SomatoEmotional Release (SER).  The gift of SER is that the  inner wisdom of the body guides me, with the client's permission and support - ie. the client is always free to explore or not, the emotional "energy cysts" that are blocking health and well-being. 

The critical element of SER is that the body acts as a truth meter, so that I am able to absolutely know the client and I are working with a significant incident for the client.

How? Well, my hands are on the body, where a restriction is held in an energy cyst during the session. I feel the Cranio-Sacral Rhythm (CSR), ie the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid in the semi-closed hydraulic system (10-12 cycles per minute) of the nervous system - from cranium to tail bone, inside the spinal column- and note that the CSR stops moving completely. The CS Rhythm stays stopped in a Still Point, until release of the energy locked in the energy cyst where the pain, and or physical problem has existed. This release is felt in the form of a Therapeutic Pulse ie there is a definite pulsing despite no blood vessels in the region to cause the pulsing.

What's so wonderful about SER work, is how quickly the key cause of present issues for the client can be unearthed, with clear awarenesses of beliefs, and unhealthy patterns that have been developed to wall off the energy cyst, and create pain and physical, emotional and/or mental problems. 

The significance detector of the Still Point is the critical difference between A-CST and psychological modalities where the therapist and the client chat back and forth working to unearth the core issue.

SER has multi-faceted, and immediate results, and is clearly cost and time effective.


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