Mutual Trust: What Unfolds in a Remote Advanced CranioSacral Session


Describing the experience and/or results of my Advanced CranioSacral Therapy sessions would be like trying to ‘nail jello to a tree’ because every single session is uniquely soul-guided ie…your Inner Being ‘knows and seeks’ what my Inner Being shares from my ‘tool box’ of experiences and skills…


What is awe-inspiring is being able to witness my client’s deepening self-awareness as we clear out what’s in the way of who they really are... 


And what is often ‘mind-blowing’ for us both are the revelations that I speak during or write in the post-session report – clearly the Inner Me is shining a light on what each client is seeking to learn and to ‘heal’ be it at the mind, body, spirit and/or emotional level…


Even clearer, is the deep level of mutual trust that we share in the synergy of our work together...I am more and more intuitive and the reports I write post-session are filled with guidance and support for your own evolution, in addition to the actual healing work that my ‘magical healing hands’ is able to do using the custom surrogate doll... at all levels - physical, mental and emotional work…


And more importantly, the work during our session continues to unfold for days –subtly and more overtly – and always uniquely…


Clients often say that sessions with me fill them with confidence, surety and we 'clear out what's in the way of their True Being'.-Together we create a magical experience- an enhanced state of Well-Being... 



Each session includes the following:

1. I work on your body -or your child or animal's bodies - using a surrogate doll; I use my in depth Advanced CranioSacral Therapy skills - please know that my hands are 'magic'... I can identify and support the clearing of issues that seem to have no answers to date - using Medical Intuitive skills, as well... Often clients come to me by referral after they have tried everything else...


2. Sessions evolve with what I call 'Soul-speak' ie I share what I 'hear and see' as your Inner Being guides me ... Because I am 'outside my client's forest', there are things that I can see and hear that are in the 'unknown' realm for my client... This aspect of my work is particularly 'magical' and can provide 'healing results' as well because we unearth the 'unknown' that can be blocking well-being...


3. Clients experience change and improvements in their state of well-being often immediately and/over the next few days. Clients may often experience changes for weeks following their sessions;


4. I include follow-up and support with tools and information that will most support your needs - tailored to what your Inner Being guides me to share with you...

Who Benefits?

I have worked with clients from all over the world, the youngest being hours old following a traumatic birth to the oldest being my 101 year old father ... Examples of the types of issues I have worked with include (but, are not limited to) - chronic pain, concussions, whiplashes, accidents and injuries, post-surgical trauma; anxiety and depression, poor sleep, PTSD, Early Childhood/ Developmental Trauma issues, back and neck injuries and much more. Note: I have a compassionate fee schedule well I do not charge for newborns - I wish to help them have a healthy start in life and my fee for children under 14 is set with compassion and  concern for the well-being of the child... and is less than regular adult fee...


Surrogate Studies with Elephants and Orangutans


Studies were undertaken using thermo-imaging in the juggle with elephants and was impossible for the  therapists to do hand's-on work with these animals.... interestingly, the animals handlers all reported improvements in the conditions that each animal presented with following the surrogate work... 

NOTE: I have personally worked with both Dr Kerry D'Ambrogio and Loesje Jacobs ...there is a longer you tube of this study should you wish to learn more...


Why I use Surrogate dolls - custom-made for adults, children and infants and animal stuffies for my animal work-...

C-19 and the foregoing studies were the impetus behind my remote CST work...I had clients begging to be seen and of course I could not see them in person...



Some of my regular clients were willing to 'test' my work with the custom doll I had made... the results were resoundingly supportive and positive... in fact so much so, that several of my clients that have mobility issues have chosen to continue to have remote sessions though I am able now to see them in-person...


Reviews and Evolution of My Remote CST Sessions for Adults, Children, Infants and Animals

The Following Reviews reflect by dates how my Remote work has grown beyond being a 'reaction' because of COVID to being the treatment of choice for the following cases + more:

  • acute emergencies eg a Mom still in shock in hospital post-difficult birth;
  • post-falling or accidents when I do not have space to see the client in-person for some time...note the quicker I am able to work post-trauma, the faster the healing (including the emotional trauma that might have occurred);
  • pediatrics;
  • animals;
  • mobility-challenged and/or seniors not wanting to travel...

***I receive an incredible number of 'emergency contacts' that I do my best to work with that very evening or as soon as possible...and I will 'fine-tune' until my client has relief... often not charging for all the time I invest... just cause I care...***

Emergency Remote Session 05-01-24… person fell down an incline hitting head, leg, and more on rocks yesterday–

Testimonial by email this morning…new client, first session…gift from her friend who’s a long-standing client of mine…


Morning Marian, 


My leg actually feels a lot better, and even in the middle of the night when I got up to use the bathroom it felt better, when i really might expect it to have stiffened up. Also when I woke up (middle of the night) I had a vision of my Dad, I saw him and smelled him, then it turned into Cxxx. 


I did the witch hazel, and had a bath with Epsom salts last night around 8:30. Cxxx suggested that. I’ll have to go buy the coarse salt... 


Cxxx has talked about his sessions with you a lot so I feel like I have some understanding of what you do, particularly the belief clearing. I read through the emails, and some attachments. 


I feel quite zen this morning, like I’ve been to a long yoga class. 





Newborn Infants

**Please know at the outset that all sessions must be done remotely....

FB message from Samantha P. following remote work – 27-11-22 –several sessions;


re: Her 8 week old Grandbaby boy who’d been tested at hospital for not eating and sleeping well – no definitive diagnosis and baby and mom struggling…


Noah is doing so much better. Thank you for all the work you have done on him. He still needs some sleeping adjustments…. Other that it…amazing changes… So much improvement since you have been working with him. Hallelujah!!!!


Message by FB morning after session with Mom and Newborn Baby (had been struggling with distention, pain post eating and trying to urinate…) 21-10-22


Good morning lovely we had an interesting night... We both took longer to fall asleep... Beau gets up usually 3x a night for feeding... His middle feeding, at 3 am... He didn't eat at all. Just wide eyes looking at me for a few minutes then fell back to sleep. That's never happened! He was comfort feeding almost every hour and now he's back to what should be "normal", every 3 hours. I feel amaaazing. I had physio booked for today and I've cancelled that. We are going to spend this rainy day, relax in bed and eating good food. I can't thank you enough for bringing me back down to grounded, back down to earth and now more comfort in my body. We love you

You sent



Oh, what an awesome message to get... I am so grateful... you are such a powerful and wise Being... and the best mother possible for that little boy... I'm here for you... just reach out... and when the 'glitches' of life show up.... we've got ways through... message if any 'tweaking is needed'... You are both so amazing... I am super glad you aren't having any more ' therapies' for a bit...and that you know to just let your bodies and Beings reintegrate... we'll do this learning together, Honey... thanks for writing... you've made my day!

Remote children sessions

***Please note - Little children and children with autism and other issues that make hand's-on work difficult really seem to benefit from remote sessions ... following are testimonials from parents following remote sessions::


Message 18-09-23 –

from Ivka re 3 yr old little boy that couldn’t talk 3 months ago…also work on her dog who’s been reactive …(less now)


The progress O*** is making this month is amazing. He still has a few bursts of that busy energy but as his vocabulary grows he is not as anxious trying to communicate his needs….Thank you again for the wonderful work you do for my family…


Pre-Eye surgery for a 2 1/2 year old: 11-22

(Julia for Veda) Awesome work! Thanks so much. We just want to do as much as we can before the surgery .... 


Message from Haley re: Sam 3 year old - remote session 11-22

Thank you

…Seeing such results, I am so grateful I followed through with my hunch. It is beyond words to explain the joy and relief I

feel seeing my boy so happy and loving


What a gift!


Message from I.V September 2023 - remote work with her 3 year old initially diagnosed as Autistic and unable/unwilling to communicate... all sessions have been remote:

The progress my son is making this month is amazing. He still has a few bursts of that busy energy but as his vocabulary grows he is not as anxious trying to communicate his needs.


Remote sessions because of geographic location

November 23, 2018 feedback from Alex S in the Yukon

36 hours after first remote session

This has been a very quick and effective treatment. I'm surprised at how much looser and at the same time, more stable my back, my knee, and my hip all feel. 

Session #2 

Hi Marian another good session! My lower back and my shoulders along with my left hip and left knee are all much looser. 



Note: He was completely doubtful… he’s a really, really big guy… filled up my table, has had 2 shoulder surgeries.. one shoulder 2X and only wanted physical body work… 



Client's brave beginnings because of Covid: 

FB Post re: CBC announcement -Hand’s-on Caregivers like Massage Therapists and Me Can’t return to work until better guidelines are established re: COVID – 04-28-2020

 Notes from me:Thank goodness I am able to work remotely with surrogate dolls -

my clients of all ages, can actually 'feel and see the results in their bodies - be it from pain, trauma, whiplash, headaches, concussions... all issues...and with all ages with a surrogate doll for a new born through to my Dad in Rimbey - age 101yrs

**The only barriers are the beliefs of people who doubt anything they 'can't see'...

I always counter with... 'you can't see how electricity works, though you use it daily'...I'm grateful that my remote practice is growing -**

I care about my clients who benefit from my hands-on Advanced CranioSacral Therapy work...remotely or in-person...

And, I am also able to work with relatives of people who are worried about the health of their Loved Ones...

as a Medical Intuitive, I can also help them to 'know what might help them in their ongoing need for health'....

Every Session is a Whole-Being Session..."




Replies from clients at the beginning of Covid- 

·         Robin Louise Pile Yes, have to say Marian is what she says she is, and her distance healing works. Neck, digestive, skeletal shifts have all make life better thanks to her. Thank you Marian!!

Marian J. Roper Thank you, Robin Louise Pile for your comments...


Bottom of Form

Ashley Day This lady really is a gem! I was excited to see her in personal for my many neck injuries etc and have some hands on healing. Bevause of covid this was cancelled and I will admit I was a little hesitant to do the distance work but decided to give it a try , you wont be disappointed!🙌🌈🙏💜
I slept a solid night after our session. Hadn't had a solid sleep in MONTHS- just one ex. of the benefits felt and seen.

Marian J. Roper Oh, Ashley Day, Honey... thank you for your comments... you are such a Wise Being...



Remote Treatment It works! My spouse and I, both seniors decided to try it when Marian Roper suggested it to us. We are long time clients. I lay on our bed with a pillow under my knees, a blanket on top and a speaker phone beside me so I could talk to Marian and she could talk to me. At the end of our session I had the usual beneficial effects and in addition felt all relaxed and no tension in my muscles. I was pleasantly surprised at the good effect. Then my spouse did the same thing and again experienced the usual good effects and feelings. We’ll do it again. So try it, at least once, you also may be pleasantly surprised.

Richard and Elsie Duifhuis

Note: this lovely couple are in their 80's and continue to have their sessions every 3 weeks


Calliope Bailey (sore body and stress) 15-04-20


Thank you sooo much Marian! I feel my very best after my time with you. Your work is truly amazing. Our new journey today through distance work was out of this world and I can’t wait for our next experience. You are such a gem. Much love…


Felt like she had a blockage under her sternum: Robin Louise 04-15-20

Hi Marian, 

Thank you for being available. :). Yes, my blocked spot feels so much more free. I'm drinking water... :) Have to remember to keep drinking it.

I've just e-transferred to you. 🙏

You do have a special gift girl! 


The following reviews come from my FaceBook Biz Page:

Carla Schamehorn  recommends CranioSacral Therapy - Advanced - with Marian J. Roper.

1 hr · Facebook March 2020

Feedback after my initial remote session;

I thought your work was magic before Marian, now I feel we have achieved some next level stuff my dear! It’s amazing to me that can be done remotely, our connection still works when we are apart, strange and awesome!

CarlaTop of Form

Bottom of Form



Heather Jacobson  recommends CranioSacral Therapy - Advanced - with Marian J. Roper.

Facebook April 5 at 3:14 PM · 

I have been seeing Marian now for just over four months in person. Not only is she successfully helping me heal from a significant back injury, she's also helping me to let go of some extremely old and unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. I always leave her home feeling loved, safe, grounded, and at peace... Not to mention by back is feeling so much better.
Due to our current situation, I recently had a distance session with Marian. There were times I could feel her working on me, in the exact area she was focussing on. She is truly remarkable and I highly recommend her services.

Top of Form


Ashley Karod  recommends CranioSacral Therapy - Advanced - with Marian J. Roper.

March 26 at 4:55 PM ·Facebook 

I have been seeing Marian regularly now, for almost two years and can say with confidence that she really is an earth angel. Not only for her knowledge and expertise, but for her compassion and willingness to go the extra mile. I always leave our sessions feeling refreshed, clear, and grounded, with the tools that enable me to heal my life from within.

Given the quarantine situation, I have recently participated in a “distance session”, over the phone with Marian, which was amazing. At the end of the session, I felt as good as I normally do when I leave her table, without even being in the same room! I will definitely be booking more sessions.

Thank you so much Marian, for opening my eyes to a new way of living life! Love you!

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Post remote Session – email from Robin Pile (16-04-2020)….

First day, post session – during ‘healing crisis time’ I had some stiff muscles, etc. on my left side last night, 🤯! My bite feels different and my left eye feels like a prickly pear this morning. Also my left ear had a bit of shooting pain last night but did pass. I’ll be taking it easy on my body the next couple days, to allow for some healing. I thought your work was magic before, now I feel we have achieved some next level stuff my dear! It’s amazing to me that can be done remotely, our connection still works when we are apart, strange and awesome! I’ll let you know how it all plays out.


Next day…. Hi Marian, Thank you for being available. :). Yes, my blocked spot feels so much more free…You do have a special gift girl!  

Remote Practice Post-Pandemic

Email post Remote Session sent 06-02-22 

OH. MY. GOODNESS. How do I say how much appreciation and gratitude I have for you and your gift of healing? THANK YOU!! I felt my back releasing last night and the spasms had lessened a great deal. This morning , it feels almost back to normal. You have taught me yet again, I had not yet experienced a remote healing. You have made a believer out of me!! I will continue to baby myself a bit today and I am sending you prayers and love for a good day and for all you do.

Thank you Marian.


xo Dolores 


Julie H by email March 18-23


Hi Marian, Wow, what a difference in my pain level. I didn’t think too much was happening when you were administering the remote work but I yawned an awful lot throughout it and I went to bed early that night. Still had a lot of pain but when I woke up, I couldn’t believe it was gone! Wow. I didn’t went out for a little walk just to test it and I seemed to do just fine. I didn’t wanna push it though. Just a  little niggli  pain this morning in my lower back but really not too bad. Not sure if you wanted to fine tune or not but I would certainly like to have another session in a couple weeks like you suggested. If you could give me a date and time I will let you know if it works for me. Thank you so much!

NOTE: Thai was sleeping and not eating or drinking or coming out of his bed when I was first contacted –also if they did get any fluids in him… he would vomit… started on Thai Oct 7th

Oct 7th 2022 please keep Thai in your heart and prayers. Donna said he has only been awake for a few minutes today and is fading.


October 16th 2022 Marian, Donna texted me this morning that Thai chased a treat - first time in weeks. (She tossed a treat.) (This is a photo of him when I saw him on Monday when he came out for a while.) Also, I called Mom this afternoon. She said Donna called her this afternoon and said "Susan's friend worked on Thai and I think she's helped him feel better". Donna doesn't believe in this stuff so Mom was surprised. Just wanted to let you know.  


RE: Reactive Great Dane -message Oct 2023

She was a little quiet this week. She doesn’t like the rain. But in her training session this week she was acting more social and sniffing and curious not defensive like she has been in the past....