Post first session – 28-12-23 - woman who had 9 surgeries (for ‘masses’ in her pelvis) over 7 years



Marian I can’t even begin to explain the transformation in my body and my mental state. I barely slept a min last night I was so jacked up. I’m not tired today and I actually feel like my old self for the first time in seven years. I did have soreness in places I haven’t had feeling in for years.  I can’t even explain my strange excitement in feelings places, I feel unlocked.  I have been able to breath out of my left nostril for the first time in 7 years. Wow ! The closest I can put into words is like yesterday was like a cracking open of what I know to be inside, me my true self and I’ve missed her. I just have no words for what happened yesterday. I’m so grateful. Thank you. Please let me know when you’re available next week or two for another session. 


November 2014

Marian! Your 2 minute tune-up took my headache away!! Thank you.


Line Brunet

 FB msg from Liane Moores re: Migraine Headaches

Hi!!! Marian has definitely made a huge difference in my life!!! I use to suffer from migraine headaches often, than Marion gave me one session of CranioSacral Therapy & it is rare that I even get any headaches any more at all!!!! Thank You so MUCH, Marian, I APPRECIATE Your skills!!!


Love, Liane!!!! XO NAMASTE!!!! XO


February 2015

I was told about Marian Roper, and the work that she does, and frankly, I was not a believer. BUT I had tried everything else under the sun… you name I tried it… chiropractor, acupuncture, active release, reiki, and the list goes on and on, without any success.


The first time Marian worked on me, I was like “yep….I knew it wasn’t going to work”., But she insisted that I complete the process we had started with my neck, in another session. She is a nice Lady, so I couldn’t say no. AND, I am so glad I went back. All the problems in my neck and shoulder which I’d had for about 10 years are pretty much gone. I almost never get headaches anymore. I have great mobility in my neck after only a few sessions, and now we are working on the final kinks with my shoulder. To be truthful, I still have these moments of “how can this even be working?” Sometimes I wonder what she is doing, because it is so unlike the cracking of a chiropractor, and the pressure of a massage…and the changes are lasting! 


But I believe in what Marian does, and I believe in her, and the results speak for themselves. If you are looking for a change, she’s the lady for you. I am so blessed she is part of my journey.

Email from Alison Donaghey, Owner of Sonshine Girls Painting

May 17 2015,

CranioSacral is the most amazing therapy. Miraculous, I would say! Marian is doing wonders for my lower back pain. It's a gradual process and it's subtle....yet, still noticeable. Highly recommend Cranio, and if you are in the Nanaimo area, I highly recommend Advanced CranioSacral Therapy with Marian Roper. She is a miracle worker and a delightful one at that! Thanks for bringing me back, Marian.


Paulette Mac

January 20, 2016

Email - "It wasn't arthritis after all" - explanation for George's profound results.


Thank you, thank you!

My finger / knuckle is so much better tonight.

Also a relief that it is not arthritis.

Maybe one more session in a week or so?



My Comments: What G presented with was a swollen right, middle finger, with pain, and "clicking". He'd been told by his Medical Doctor (after an X Ray of his finger) that he had arthritis. This is a tough diagnosis for a man that works with his hands.

After assessing him, it became apparent that the nerves and circulation into his hand and finger were impaired because of an injury he had in his forearm.

Clearly, when "torquing" a wrench over a month earlier, he had strained the region causing it to heat up and the connective tissue had become "adhesed" (ie inflamed and stuck together).

This connective tissue response basically "stuck" the bones, ligaments, and muscles in the position that the strain occurred, after the injury cooled down, restricting his range of motion, and creating the complication diagnosed as "arthritis".

To date, Western Medicine doesn't recognize the impact of connective tissue post-injuries or surgeries. CranioSacral Therapy works with connective tissue as part of the session, resulting in resolutions for complications from injuries.

For eg I see people with headaches, strange numbness and pain in legs, arms and other complications from old whiplash injuries. The list of examples is endless.

Bodies must be seen as "whole entities" ...not in bits and pieces like George's finger was....



November 1, 2016

Marian has been helping my dear friend Deb who has struggled with a degenerative disease since childhood. 

I could not believe the change in my friend the last time I saw her! 

What an amazing transformation you have made in Deb's life Marian. Thank you!


Pat Dahl, Lacombe, AB


October 18, 2016

Thank you, Marian Roper, for your incredible healing skills. My partner Ian Jones and I have healed physically, and have received tremendous psychological growth from our sessions with you!


Rachel Cooper

Sent by email: May 05/17

Thank you so much, Marian. My neck feels so much better already! It feels relieved, if I can use that word to describe the feeling I have - light and relaxed, with only some tension left on the left side.  What a change!!! 

I came to you feeling miserable and not knowing how to help myself. What you did really worked. I was tired for most of the day but now I am starting to get my energy back although it is already ten in the evening. I am an owl and have been all my life :-) 

Thank you. I am really looking forward to seeing you again. 

Let’s keep in touch. Again, thank you for your amazing help today. I am now very hopeful that we will be able to solve my long-lasting and painful puzzle. 

In health, 



Thank you for your kind words, Marian. 

I have a feeling I will be able to find a comfortable position for my neck on the pillow tonight and finally sleep well. 

Looking forward to being healthy again - a lot! See you soon. Until then, look after yourself, Marian. You are a true gift. 

In health,  




Testimonial from Deb V. 05/18/17 (Deb lives with a congenital disability ) 


When you 'swept' the pain from either end of my body to my core at first I would experience times of intense burning pain; almost as if nerves were being reconnected (I choose to look on this optimistically). Now the pain is less frequent, almost gone, and I find that I lift my feet while I am walking.  There is more strength in my legs and I don't have the horrible ache in them at the end of the day. I used to fall regularly but I haven't fallen for a while. I am so thankful for what is happening to me. 


May 10, 2017 post on FB page:

Marian has kept my body and spirit moving and integrated through Cranial Sacral Therapy for the past several years. If you have issues with chronic pain I highly recommend paying her a visit!


Ann McGougan Norris 


May 11, 2017 Testimonial on FB from Heather Nicholson 

I'm feeling the best I've felt in a long time this evening. Still weak, but I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I think its Magic Marian working on my body.

I can hardly wait for my next treatment.

Thank you for acknowledging the pain I've gone through with my back. I have never had a practitioner or helper working on me that gave me this acknowledgement.


I know several people who would benefit from your work.


June 1, 2017 Post on FB from Heather Nicholson 

Thank you everyone for the wonderful Birthday Wishes yesterday. Sure makes a girl feel very special and loved. I spent the evening with Energy Worker, Advanced CranioSacral Therapist, Marian Roper, who pulled my leg, straightened my back and removed that 9 year ache from my knee! It's a good life! So happy I found this lady to work on me.



From Jack Whittles August 9/17

Hi Marian,

Just wanted to let you know that I was out in the woods for work yesterday – hot, brushy, and I even got stung...........and it didn’t really bother me.  I did notice, however, that I felt different part way through the day.  Something in my body was different – my hips were more released and I had more freedom of movement when I got back to the truck.  Today it has continued.  I do not feel completely wonderful, but more mobile and faster at walking and in far less pain – three key ingredients in my life!

That is all for now – take care and thank you. 



Testimonial update 12-21-17 - Jack Whittles

Email Subject: I am Back Baby!

Hi Marian 

After our session yesterday I felt really good physically.  Last night lying in bed I was able to move all the muscles in my left hip I believe -it felt really good - very little pain and almost 100% mobility.

Today I did 20 minutes of somatics, 20 to 30 minutes of weight lifting, and

30 minutes and 10 km on the bike!  My left leg felt no pain - I only felt my right knee a bit and my right hip joint a bit towards the end of the bike

ride.  No pain killers today.   This is incredible progress!


Thanks for your help,



Email from Jan M 11-20-18

 Your gentle kind manner is so awesome, I am so grateful to have craniosacral therapy - such good effective treatment sessions!!


Jan M

Email from New Client – 2nd visit – October 18, 2018


Just want to let you know that you’re amazing and I’m really great full to have you in my life😊 


Carl H.


Bonnie Chomica Testimonial on FB page 20-08-18 


Marian has helped release the layers of pain my body has struggled with since I was a child. Her intuitive and Empathic approach to healing is paired with a deep wisdom far beyond her healing hands. I have experienced much more long lasting relief than with any other practitioners. If your body is in turmoil, you need to see Marian. 



John Rogers is with Marian J. Roper. - FB Post

December 23, 2018 · 



This Christmas I want to give a huge shout out to my friend Marian. After trying everything over the last decade to deal with my chronic pain (the last 2 years we're horrible) I am so happy to report that my night time pain is 98% gone and my daytime pain 75% ish gone after only 2 months of treatment. My greatest gift this season is Marian giving me my life back! Thank you so much, for my drug free treatment and my new perspective on life! Have a very merry Christmas Marian!

Message to a FB friend…… Nov 6/18



Pat Dahl Physio broke me - cranial sacral fixed me. Marian J. Roper could probably help you  ;)

Email 05-07-19 re: 92 year old with Dizziness, Difficulty Walking and Panic Attacks....–


Hello Marian:


A quick note to thank you for working Veryl into your busy schedule and what you were able to do for her in treatment today. She is delighted,... a new person...I couldn’t believe my eyes when she got out of my car and walked to the back for her walker without holding on to the car as though she never had a problem. She is a happy, enthusiastic client although still a bit dizzy but your words of encouragement meant so much to her. My personal take was the gentle manner in which you coached and guided her after her treatment. You just went up another rung and my ‘admiration’ ladder.


With respect and gratitude I send my Love,



Email From: S.Eaves
Sent: December-14-19 9:41 AM

Hi Marian,

Thanks for your email and all you shared. 

I just wanted to let you know how profound our session was this week. Immense and delicate and so sweet. 

A million thank you's. I am so so so glad to be coming back in a week. 


Have a beautiful weekend. S

Email from Chantal R 07-11-22 

Has been struggling for months since hospitalization from COVID

Hi Marian, 

Thank you so much for all this info you've sent me.  There have been BIG shifts since our session. I attended the craft fair on Saturday and was actually “connecting” with people from my “centre” for the first time in years. I was speaking with my full voice again from my gut instead of my throat. Then on Sunday I sang my heart out, it was like I broke through something and my Soul came forward. I then re-vamped my music book of songs as a sort of “reclaiming my voice” ceremony.  

Thank you so much your powerful work. I look so forward to our next session.  

Take care and see you soon!



Review from Robin 17/01/2020


Thank you for the treatment yesterday. I just e-transferred your fee. My whole abdomen feels much better and stomach not distended...

The information about the liver is great, simple and a good reminder… 

I knew you would be able to help with what I was experiencing in my stomach and liver area. Not sure it falls under the category of cranial/sacral?  But you have something special Marian. 

I wasn't looking forward to taking pills that would inhibit acid production let alone antacid pills.  Did not want to go to a doctor about this. I sort of knew you would be able to help.  Thank you, thank you. 

Drinking lots of water at this point. 



Email Dec 02, 2020 from Shirley M.


You are truly amazing.  I asked so many people to give me a name of a physic and some do and if I go to them they are just not that good or some even close to know much at all.  You on the other hand are so on point - amazingly so…


I have laughed much much more these last two days.  Yes been through other stuff that is not so pleasant however I really feel this time and working with you is the key for me to get to the other side of pain and live my best life.


With heartfelt gratitude and love thank you over and over and yes you are in my life for a big reason.




Testimonial from Lucy Stephens… October 15, 2020

Thank you for sharing these resources with me and for the healing you provide. I really enjoy our sessions and I feel the benefits of the work and I know it’s only going to get better.


 I never thought I could start to feel this way.