I Believe

" In Having Fun Flying; In Adventure Dolphin Swimming and the Foot Push; In Working and Playing in Nature and With Piper; and In Being Blessed By the Love of My Dog..." 


  • that everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home
  • in giving reverence to all Living Things
  • in friends, neighbors, community and country
  • that laughter and love heal
  • in the goodness of mankind
  • in doing good for others
  • in integrity, transparency and clear communication
  • in adding value
  • in the soul and the substance of life and people


  • in paying-it-forward
  • in win-win exchanges
  • in prevention of dis-ease through prevention and self-care
  • that pets make us better people
  • that food fuels
  • that God has a sense of humor
  • that deep connection is a gift
  • that intelligence comes from within
  • that music talks to us
  • that poetry is the heart’s language
  • In mindfulness


my clients and I

Please watch this gentle video - I call it - Finding Our Way Home

if you can 'feel' the quietness and love-connection in this interaction... the gentle, hesitant little tentacle coming out so the little octopus will see if it's safe...then you will have a tiny 'knowing' of what I am experiencing when I connect with the Inner Beings of my clients...a deep, Sweet, Heart-Guided Essence...

and each session supports the strengthening of this Essence - the Untethered Soul...over the Ego/Mind...with peace and well-being as the outcome...

of each of these sessions...

I see me only as the conduit for my client's learning and experiencing of their own True Beauty and Truth... Home in their Hearts....

Who Am I?

As an Holistic Health Care Practitioner, my toolbox of knowledge encompasses a broad range of traditional nursing experiences as an RN, a Nurse Educator, Infection Control Practitioner, Home Care Nurse, College Instructor, and more. As well, I have extensive, Advanced Training (at Teaching Assistant level) in alternative modalities: CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Reiki, Shamanism, Medical Intuitive, Soul-Readings, and more.


I became a Registered Nurse at the Calgary General Hospital, then attended the University of Alberta, Edmonton to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Following this, I completed my Master in Communication Studies, at the University of Calgary.

After years of dissatisfaction , working in the "fix-it-after-it's-broken" standard healthcare system, my work and studies gravitated to teaching health promotion, rather than "disease-fixing", and Marketing of Professional Services and health promotion concepts.


Finally, in 1995, I left Alberta, and allopathic medicine in response to my own health crisis - a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I said to my doctors “I am going to try every Native rain-dance out there before I darken your doors again”. I began searching alternative health modalities to find my own well-being. CranioSacral Therapy was the key factor in my becoming well again. I could not imagine not learning and sharing this amazing work, and other alternative skills I learned with my clients.


I have had the great joy and privilege of working with many great leaders and developers of powerful Alternative therapies. Some of these include the following:

  • Dr John Upledger - Advanced CranioSacral Therapy (Biomechanical)
  • Dr Bruno Chikly - Lymphatic Drainage
  • Dr Jean-Pierre Baral - Visceral Manipulation
  • Ged Sumner - Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy
  • Dr John Lilly - "The Mind of the Dolphin"
  • Joan Ocean - Swimming with Humpback Whales
  • Esalen Institute - Dr Hector Prestara "Your Body Reveals

My quest to heal my own emotional, physical and mental trauma (including PTSD) has been relentless and all-encompassing. I am a life-long learner, and feel compelled to share my discoveries with my clients. I have walked a mile in some seriously difficult shoes, and as such, I have deep compassion for my fellow man.


As well, I have strong beliefs that we can heal ourselves by healing our minds and setting ourselves onto our own paths of self-discovery. CranioSacral Therapy not only resolves physical health issues, but is the most effective avenue I know of to resolve anxiety, depression and other debilitating emotional issues.


Now, my passion is to create health freedom for my clients using my hands-on gift, and skills. In a session,  I identify the critical influences presented to me in the moment, that have resulted in dis-ease for my clients. With my unique approach, and tool box of skills, I work with each client to identify, and clear the issues that have created dis-ease for them - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hence, my tagline is: I create freedom for bodies and minds.








I'm addicted to my work....for me and for my clients... no two sessions are the same; the 'dance' my clients and I do together in our sessions helps more to unfold than can be expressed in words...


We connect at a place of adventure (Inner awareness of who we really are), attention (deep presence), achievement (well-being and purpose), intimacy (deeply connected and present) and nurturing ( my 'nursing, caring Self creates a deeply safe space).....


Always, always we are growing into 'who we really are' in a stronger and healthier (at all levels) way...  I cannot connect with you with integrity without learning and growing from you... our work together creates a 1+1= 3rd 'thing'....


Exponentially, we clear and uncover what's been hidden beneath Beliefs - ours and that of others - people-pleasing becomes a thing of the past... more and more we speak and live from our Truth...