February 07, 2017 - post on FB

Jan Papp reviewed CranioSacral Therapy - Advanced - with Marian J. Roper —  5 star

3 hrs · 

I met Marian immediately after I fell on some ice and suffered a concussion and whiplash. Marian was in the building and saw me going into shock, she came up to me to offer to help me. Which she did! And continues to do! I have been seeing Marian for 2 1/2 months now and not only have I not suffered ANY negative effects from my fall but I am healthier, happier and more connected than I have been in years.



Marian is so open, so honest and such an amazing empathic healer that I truly feel blessed for our paths to have crossed. Thanks you so much, Marian!   


Email from Sarah G August 11, 17

I am feeling so good today I had my neck collar off for longer than I have ever had it off today and I have just been really mindful of all we talked about and I feel fantastic!!



Thank you for your work I am so grateful beyond words and so excited for more healing to come :) 

From: Faye B. 

Sent: September-19-18 5:06 PM
To: Marian Roper
Subject: Appointment results


Marian, I couldn’t wait until my next appointment to report the results of my appointment with the neurologist today.


My nerve tests, (you will know the proper name) were stable if not better than my initial visit; I do not have neuropathy; AND best of all, my problem with balance is no longer. I am giving you the credit and telling everyone who will listen to me..





Email Message from Catherine 14-06-19 Concussion and MVA struggles for over 20 years prior


Marian welcomed me into a safe place and spoke gently to my wounded child. I had an experience that it was finally safe to surrender to the love and support available for healing my early childhood pain body. And then we started to work!

During the session I had the physical sensation of my body being sculpted. After the session was over, I was at peace, fully present and focused. I visibly looked at least 10 years younger.

 I left knowing that what we had just done would continue to unfold long past the session. Upon leaving, Marian mentioned that I was to be gentle with myself for the next couple of days.

The work we did together was transformative. I am noticing many of my old beliefs and values that no longer serve, are falling away.

My boundaries are getting stronger and insights more frequent.

Thank you Marian. I feel happy and anchored to the present moment.





Chris Lake’s comments 07-08-20

Hi Marian

Thank you so much for my treatment today.

I feel very peaceful; and I don’t have any vertigo at this time…

These appointments are like gold to me.

Thankyou , thankyou

Sending light and love



Email sent 02-12-22

Julia had been in serious pain from fractured tailbone due to a fall…

Hi Marian,

 After our session on Wednesday, I realized by evening that my tail no longer hurt!  I continue to be almost totally pain-free, just some achey muscles in my bum.

Thank you so very much for the work you do with your magic hands!

Love, Julia

And my reply:

Dear Julia,


I so needed to read this tonight… some days I wonder if my work has value… days when I am tired and needing to clear myself… then along comes a message like yours and my heart is lit up again…I know I ‘shouldn’t need’ outside validation… but just trust that serving with my gift is all there is… but, that’s the Human me…grateful for appreciation…thanks for taking the time to write…and please know that the best thing for me are the amazing people that I am able to connect with… M

Tanya Cliff 12-07-21

 1 hour ago

Marian is AMAZING...It is crazy what she does and the amazing affect she has on the body! Marian honestly cares so much about her client’s betterment, and puts in over and above effort ALL THE TIME! My Husband suffered from Migraines and Severe Pressure behind his ears...he had seen many other specialists and professionals, but no one could give him an answer or any relief. Marian knew right away what his issues were, and we saw results within 24-48 hours. Honestly, if this seems a bit out of your comfort zone...try it...she is honestly a MIRACLE Worker...her abilities are truly magic. She is one of the kindest, gentle, and supportive people we have known...she honestly pours EVERY INCH of herself into her work...and it shows!!!! For more than a year my husband has been suffering, and with Marian's help, he is seeing light at the end of the Tunnel! 100% Marian is a 5 Star! Thank you Marian for sharing your Magic!

Michelle G. 16-12-22

Email Message: Bless Your Cotton socks Marian! 🙏 For all the extra things you do for our healing. Yesterday was phenomenal. Slept like a baby. 


With extreme Gratitude 🌺Michelle🌺