When Being and Doing come together.....Compassion ACIM and BCST 

This baby red-tailed hawk is being held by Mike W. - such a level of trust, and caring. Mike, my client, sent me an email this week, that blew me away.

I must share it, because it is such a gift and clear evidence that my journey into Biodynamic CST is congruent with other important aspects of my life, even though it is a  real challenge in so many ways.

Clearly my life is "the road less travelled"  - note: Mike and I both attend A Course in Miracles group, weekly, hence his comments below: I've titled his email for my records:

BCST/ACIM Congruency - On Compassion sent to me by email from Mike W. July 10/15 

I was thinking about the topic of the Thursday morning reading group last night which was "True Empathy" (the A Course in Miracles Version, not our ego version) and re-reading it because it was hard to understand.

D. (group leader) went on to share how she uses ACIM empathy in counselling sessions. The term she used was "holding the space when the person is upset" and seeing the right mind in the person instead of using ego empathy which would be to jump into the story and feel the bad feelings the person is going through. She explained how it is better to look at the Christ-mind in the person who is suffering, and not the pain.

I’m sitting here yesterday, and I think to myself,......I’ve heard that term? "Holding the space and seeing what’s healthy in the person"...Whamo,.....That’s what Marian is using in her new style of treatment.

It was the exact same thing as you explained to me.

Then the topic got onto Nurses and how they spend their lives giving ego empathy trying to help people and how it sucks them dry, which is why the burnout is high.

How weird is that? Had to share that little tidbit with you as it just popped into my head after the fact, and I did a “holy shit, I have already experienced this information! (with/through you).

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