Following my Heart's voice into Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - Stillness speaks and heals...

Marinated in anxiety,

Knowing mind’s-rioting.

Tightrope of terror;

Bound-thought’s dark horrors.


Is there a respite-

A joy-filled sublime?

Only small moments –

Peace-filled gaps in long time.


Kindness, compassion,

forgiveness, and calm.

Only solution –

Soul’s softest, sweet balm.


Do nothing and wait.

Deep presence - a gate.

Peace enters; pausing -

Inner Voice’s soft longing:


“Be still my child;

Soul’s safety beguiled”.


I wrote this poem this morning as a means of finding my own sweet stillness from mind-insanity. Then I read the Becker transcript “Using Stillness”, and realized that stillness is the state of Oneness, and All-knowing that I become part of in deep meditation, or times when words like the above poem come forth.

Imagine my “ah-hah” and “of course”, and the soothing balm that reading the transcript was for me.


Best of all, I am realizing, I am being guided safely as I pursue this BI journey, and that my choices are being validated, regardless of how little logic they may really make. Clearly my heart is guiding me, and the state of stillness is my Heart’s Voice source.


My pursuit of stillness has been all but obsessive, as I long ago equated stillness achieved through my practice of meditation, connection with my writing, Nature, yoga, and other centering tools, as my method of healing to soften the harsh noise of my beliefs, and egoist machinations.


Now, to learn that the concept of stillness is at the core of BI work, is so gratifying and validating. Knowing, recognizing, and supporting stillness in me, and in my clients, so that stillness can actually inform injured, dis-eased, and walled-off injuries and traumas to remember and return to health, makes such sense!


At the very core of my 12 year-long recovery from cancer, PTSD, surgeries, and other traumas, I gravitated to authors and teachers like Julia Cameron “the Artist’s Way”; Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now”; Dr Vimala Rodgers “Change Your Handwriting”, and countless others, to learn ways to stop my spiritual, mental and emotional turmoil.


As well, through the support of my mentor, Dr. Ron Bonham, who has helped me learn to express myself poetically, as above, my deepest heart connection has unfolded. Because of my writing, and Ron’s help, I am becoming more aware and connected with my own center of stillness, and delightfully, Ron notes that “my Being is coming closer to my Doing”. I laughingly say “my inner Humpty Dumpty is putting her pieces together again”.


Clearly, enrolling in BI was a heart/soul-guided desire…not logic at all, and I really, really did not have any idea that the work would just be an extension, and deeper level of my own personal journey of finding daily stillness in my quest to “feel good”.


Obviously, I am an experiential learner. Now that I know that my route to well-being is by ensuring my own state of stillness, it makes clear and critical sense for me to continue with BI work that supports others into their own states of stillness and subsequent well-being.


What an honor it is for me to be able to experience, witness, share and encourage stillness for my clients, so that they too can find their own state of well-being, and empowerment. I believe it is the greatest service to which I can aspire. 

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