Release Inherited Trauma With Ancestral Clearing

The spiritual side of ancient Chinese medicine teaches that our ancestors are meant to be a supportive and beneficial influence throughout our lives. When we lean back on their support then we don't need to push to get through life or work so hard to make things happen for ourselves.


Carrying challenging aspects of your family's past forward with you into your present can cause certain problems to show for you in life. And, even though you do personal work, the same problems keep showing up. These issues that were inherited energetically need to be released energetically, through clearing. Undoing layers of limiting beliefs, patterns, and traumas opens the energetic pathways to receive the gifts and the blessings from your ancestors that were meant for you.



By receiving an ancestral clearing, you can be the person in your family to begin a legacy of happiness and healing that mends back up the family line. It can also benefit other family members living now, along with future generations.


5 Element Ancestral Clearing 

( 2 or more hours - we are connected by voice only)

At the outset, ancestral clearing is not more of a psychic thing… it will feel like it could be because as I am clearing the different elements impressions may or may not appear for me to report to you… this 'reporting' occurs because I am naturally psychic/connected in the place of ‘oneness’ and it’s information that your Inner Being is wanting me to essence it's your 'Soul-Speak' and a well-practiced place for me to articulate from… 

Ancient Chinese 5 Element Clearing – the oldest form of science in the world 

The best part about an Ancestral Clearing (AC) - 5 Element-method … is that I 'get' information that I ‘see’ for whatever reasons that your Inner Being wishes the information to be known… 5 Element Ancestral Clearings are actual clearings of what we get impressions about plus way more deep clearing at levels we’ll never consciously know ....

The effects of an AC act upon all levels of You… physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic…..and upon all ancestors (alive or dead) that your Being chooses to clear as well as all those present in your life that can be affected by your energy… eg (my dog and I)…

The clearing has 5 parts to it… clearing of you; your Mom, her ancestral lineage; your Dad, his ancestral Lineage  each for DEO’s, all 5 elements, ending with integration and grounding….

Ancestral Clearings are only possible annually, at most… that’s how much clearing is completed and the ramifications of same go on for months and month showing up in multiple and subtle ways…


**Message sent by A.D.I Post Ancestral Clearing 12-11-19**


Miss Marian, I actually woke up 40 min earlier than  my usual. I look younger, I feel like Me is back. I can totally relate to that quote from The Terminator ‘I’m Back’! Can’t say enough. Phenomenal for short!